Ecuadorian Balsa:


Balsa trees are one of the fastest growing trees in the world. It can grow from a tiny seedling to an adult 90 feet high plant in about 5-7 years. The tree grows straight and tall, with a trunk of about 50 cm in diameter, and is topped by a lush crown of very large leaves. Each balsa tree produces hundreds of thousands of seeds. They are carefully culled, and only the fittest are germinated in nurseries and planted on the farms. The other ingredients for rapid healthy growth are contributed by nature: rich Ecuadorian soil, rainfall that averages 90 inches per year and hot tropical sunlight.

Balsa is also one of the lightest woods in the world. This wood is a great option for working with wind turbines, yacht interiors, displays, and mobile caravans, anywhere when weight is a concern.

Balsa is a honeycomb cell shaped wood which, once dried and processed, becomes a natural structural core with unique properties. It has a high stiffness to weight and strength to weight ratio, which combined with other materials, results in very light weight, high strength, thermal and sound insulated products.


  • Super yachts, Sailing yachts, Motor yachts
  • Wind turbine impellers
  • Shelving boards, tabletops and desktops
  • Furniture and components in shop fittings and point of sale displays
  • Furniture and shelves for exhibition booths
  • Airport, hotel and restaurant interiors
  • Bars and countertops
  • Components for interior fittings
  • Interior cabinetry and furniture for mobile applications (recreational vehicles, yachts, trains etc.)
  • High performance

    End Grain Balsa has a very high Compressive strength. Measured at similar densities, Balsa has higher compressive strength than almost all other cores, a renewable resource that can satisfy the demand of structural core materials.
    This end grain configuration of the balsa core – meaning fiber direction perpendicular to the panel plane – provides high compression properties, perfect dimensional stability and best stiffness to weight ratio.

    Balsa Block specification              Balsa Timber specification