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Sinopro is a leading provider of quality Oil and Gas Pipes and Tubular products to major Oil and Gas, Energy, Petrochemical industries and other special end-user applications. Range of our major products line includes Drilling Pipes, Standard and Line Pipe, Steel Pipe, Tubing and Casing.
Sinopro have all the required expertise in house to deal with a wide range of products used in the Oil and Gas Industries. Whether you are into the business of Oil production, Petrochemical, or Gas production, we can accomplish all your pipe and tube requirements.
In the continuous search for new energy reserves, oil and gas are being extracted from beneath the bottom of the oceans on an ever greater scale.

Sinopro source a wide range of oil field pipe for the drilling rigs and production platforms, and for subsea activities. We provide product expertise, technical advice and broad knowledge about steel types - ranging from high strength to super duplex - and their areas of application. Sinopro has a growing market position sourcing for the offshore areas throughout the world, particularly in South-East Asia, the North Sea and in West Africa. Our customers in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry are mainly active in:

Oil and gas equipment

Offshore constructions

Offshore process installations

Subsea constructions

Our extensive product assortment and total service package is based on the needs of our customers in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry.

We source:

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Line pipes

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