Formu Ecuadorian Balsa:

Formu S.A. is one of the only fully integrated balsa producers in Ecuador. Its forest companies in Ecuador control the production from selecting the best seeds, growing perfect seedlings to the tree planting and managing sustainable plantations. Thus, Formu S.A. is capable to adjust its balsa supply in terms of density and volume according to the customers’ requirements.

Our balsa wood core material is professionally controlled during cultivation in all Formu S.A. plantations. Formu S.A. manages several thousand hectares of certified balsa wood plantations. Our Forest Stewardship acts as a catalyst for improving standards in forest management. It brings economic and social benefits to our employees and local people and facilitates environmental benefits for biodiversity and the ecosystem.

For Formu S.A., all production steps are subjected to stringent monitoring, especially offering a physical validation for time to kiln (T2K). Our monitoring process and high tech kilns guarantee the highest-quality balsa core and is full traceability from the end product back to the tree. Our experts are doing genetic research now to optimize quality, yield and density of balsa trees.

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Formu and the Enviroment

We work hard to make the industry greener each day by respecting nature, forests and water resources. Our continuous commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in all aspects of our business, including preserving natural resources and developing sustainable products as well as ensuring economic, social and environmental wellbeing of all communities we are active in. We are committed to reducing environmental pollution and cutting down on our carbon footprint significantly by 2020.

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