The Ultimate in LED Lighting

The indoor LED farming industry endured several false starts of applying LED technology. Wild claims, magic spectrums, and poor service by many LED grow light manufacturers created confusion and frustration with growers looking for a better solution than the inefficient and toxic conventional HID lighting.

Our Grow Lux technicians have been in the industry over 25 years researching the effects of light wavelength and other growth parameters on crop production. Our goal was to create a fixture that was efficient, non-toxic, and reliable enough for full industrial/commercial applications. Grow Lux LED lighting provides plant-specific, effective, safe light required for efficient crop production in a durable form-factor all growers need.

The Tri-Rail is the controlled environment agricultural industry’s superior choice for commercial crop production applications. The thoughtfully inspired Tri-Rail has the highest Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) output and PAR photon efficacy for a truly industrial-grade LED fixture specifically designed for the industry. The Tri-Rail has an optimized broad spectrum that maximizes photosynthesis and plant growth while also providing for a very comfortable visual experience that allows for ideal conditions for crop assessment. Engineered for science, this optimized industrial grade LED fixture is unique in that it meets the demanding requirements for industrial/commercial crop production with superior performance, energy efficiency, durability, and competitive cost that is lacking in the LED grow light market today.

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