Logistics Specialist:

Sinopro is the best in the world at innovative supply chain and manufacturing solutions. Because we focus on procurement, manufacturing, quality and logistics - rather than just focusing on one dimension - we look to provide an unmatched customer experience. Chemical and equipment ODMs, OEMs and EMS providers know that a robust supply chain is important for their business. Sinopro's approach is implementing forward supply chain processes in areas such as forecast management, replenishment strategies, warehousing and logistics and electronic data interchange (EDI) along with forever focusing on reducing production lead times.


Our global footprint covers operations across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, speeding your market access by providing the best technical and production resources in the industry. All of Sinopro's facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and UL certified and connected by our proprietary IT systems, which allows us to provide accurate and timely updates on any order, any time of the day. The market is driven by unexpected changes and Sinopro prides our self by helping companies meet even the most demanding requirements.

Sinopro is proud to have a global manufacturing and engineering footprint to support our customers. Our innovative development and design activities are performed at worldwide locations.


The logistics involved in our global supply chain are quite complex. Sinopro uses a variety of advanced training methods to ensure that team members understand their role as wells as customers’ requirements so that we execute flawlessly through all types of adversity. We enforce the rules that guarantee quality products, but allow innovation and flexibility in servicing our customers.

1. Record What You Have Done Sinopro records all actions taken in our ERP system, so that all those involved know the current position, what has gone on before and what still needs to be done.

2. Review What You Have Done Records are regularly reviewed both to ensure delivery targets can be met and to identify any problem areas.

3. Take Remedial Action Where Necessary When Sinopro identifies problems or potential problem we deploy tiger teams to eliminate or alleviate problems.

We have warehouses; we manage inventory; we handle inbound and outbound logistics; we deliver when you need it, we even provide customer fulfillment when needed. Sinopro goes beyond the traditional distributor model with superior inventory acumen and proven operational excellence. We lower total system costs by consolidating inventory across the entire supply chain, including taking inventory off of customers' floors. Sinopro has a core competence in inventory and logistics management that can help customers control inventory levels and expenses and can deliver to customers on a just-in-time basis.

Our Shandong Team at Sinopro's Shandong Operation includes 40 full-time employees and agents in logistics, quality, engineering, product development, accounting, and procurement, to reduce lead times and ensure quality. Each of Sinopro's manufacturing facilities has fully trained inspectors, because our most important goal is delivering quality. See our blog post on managing quality with Asian manufacturers for more information.