Services we provide:

Production Consultancy

We are highly trained product experts; we oversee production; we engineer custom solutions; we have in-house and on-site (Asia) quality control teams.

Product Sourcing Service

Our main role is finding the best manufacturers under the specific requirement you provide to include target pricing, technical data, and production/delivery time schedules. We coordinate all procedures within the supply chain, based on the agreements with you our clients.

China Company Register

Our experiance with the regulations within China for setting up Foreign owned companies is extensive. Whether you choose a WFOE or FIE. We can guide you through the whole process. Providing all translation services, documentation checks and banking.

Our Specialized Market Sectors

We pride ourselves on covering a varied range of industries..

Oil and Gas drilling equipment

Our specialized engineers and certified manufacturers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to work at the forefront of evolving Oil and Gas industries. Providing you with a complete supply chain of chemicals and equipment.

Rechargeable Batteries

Through our commitment to the continual improvement of our battery manufacturing partnerships, Sinopro can consistently provide the highest quality products. We meet the demands of our clients and stay ahead of the ever-changing market conditions of their industry.

Chemical manufacturing

We pride ourselves on working alongside some of the best manufacturers in the field and work closely with their labs and our customers to produce some of the finest chemicals on the market for the drilling industry, animal suppliments and feeds.

LED Plant Lighting

Sinopro has established a strong reputation within the agricultural and hydroponics industries. We have close links with many large equipment manufacturers, including electronic ballast, led diodes and time/enviromental control equipment.

Floatation Pods

Leaders in the Floatation industry with technology, software and concept designed systems. Our vision was to create a product spacious enough to open up the floatation experience to everybody yet be easily installed in almost any location.

Balsa Wood

With more than 15 years of experience, Cornerstone has established a strong reputation within the super yacht and boat construction industries. We have close links with many large Shipyards in Turkey. Our balsa material is now used in a variety of industries worldwide.

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